Grid Critters

Master CSS Grids, Save the Critters

Building modern layouts with CSS can be a real challenge. Even the most simple UI can be a struggle. From a div randomly not lining up - to everything looking completely broken on mobile - CSS can make even the smartest devs want to pull out each strand of hair one at a time with tweezers. Why does creating great looking UI's have to be so painful?

What if you could master a futuristic layout technology that's 10x more powerful and 10x more reliable, to build amazing apps and sites with crazy confidence and speed? You absolutely can. The future of layout is here and it's called CSS Grid.

You can learn this new tech by reading dozens of articles on the internets, fiddling for days in the browser dev tools, and developing a cheat-sheet dependency. OR you can master CSS Grids right from the start by playing this new interactive Mastery Game. You'll learn the ins and outs of Grids one fun level at a time, while saving an adorable alien life form from certain destruction.

Become a master of layout with CSS Grid

Internalize Grids in a ridiculously unforgettable way so you'll never need a cheat sheet.

Be able to quickly create any layout you can imagine

This is a Mastery Game by geddski - the maker of Flexbox Zombies. Each level unravels part of the plot, gives you mastery over a new Grid concept, and presents amazing interactive challenges that force you to solidify your new skills while saving helpless alien critters.

"Awesomest way I've ever learned how to code. Thank you ."

Queue Stack

"The tutorials had me laughing. Brilliant technique in learning."

William Sterling

After all my recent complaints about the low bar set by most online training courses today (dull, lack of explanatory pictures, lazy sitting in IDE, death by bullet point, talking code NOT teaching etc) blown away by @geddski 's Grid Critters course.

Ian Smith

"This is my new preferred learning method!"

Cameron Campbell

created by geddski

Dave Geddes
Dave Geddes

Dave Geddes is a passionate leader in open web education. He's obsessed with diving deep into UI tech, and coming up with creative ways to help others master it. Father of 4 wild kids (+1 dog) and super into 3D printing, gaming, and art. Dave definitely has a unique style that many find refreshing and effective. Previously Open Web Architect at Domo. Blogs at

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welcome to the future of frontend layout

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